DU’s Conservation Efforts in Illinois in 2020

Transportation executive Robert Rogulic serves as president and CEO of Tri-National Inc., a transcontinental transportation service provider that connects the US with Canada and Mexico through the Midwest. Robert Rogulic supports the conservation efforts of Ducks Unlimited (DU), particularly in Illinois.

DU, the leading wetlands and waterfowl conservation organization in the world, completed seven projects and conserved 392 acres of wetlands and grasslands in Illinois in 2020. These efforts have resulted in improved wildlife habitat and water quality.

DU has also helped the Forest Preserve District of Kane County in restoring former agricultural lands back to native prairie communities and wetlands. The project, which was in its second of three phases in 2020, has restored 45 acres of prairie and nine acres of wetlands.

The group’s Illinois conservation efforts also included the restoration and enhancement of nearly 60 acres of wetlands in east-central Illinois. This project, which is under the Partners for Fish and Wildlife program of Pheasants Forever and the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, has increased the breeding habitat for wildlife.

DU’s partnership with the Illinois Department of Natural Resources and the U.S. Department of Agriculture — Natural Resource Conservation Service has restored 30 acres of land back from agriculture to its pre-settlement condition along the Cache River in Johnson County. This part of the river is home to thousands of different species of plants and animals, in addition to thousands of waterfowl migrating annually during the fall.